How to view

The Digital Library contains complete works, parts of works or individual pages.

  • You can view the works in PDF format or browse individual pages directly in your browser.
  • Parts of works (such as an introduction) can be viewed in PDF format (as a part of the complete work) or viewed in a browser on a page-by-page basis.
  • Individual pages can be displayed separately in detail.

How to search

  • You can search the entire content of the Digital Library for the title of the work or use full-text search. Filtering for the year of issue is also available.
  • Full text of a specific selected work can then be searched directly in the displayed PDF file.
  • In full-text search results, there is a list of works containing the search phrase in the right side pannel, and you can use it to filter the results.

How to download

The full text of each work can be downloaded from the respective overview page:

  • OCR text: text layer only - automatically recognized text, unreviewed
  • PDF file: PDF with a text layer

You can download individual pages of the work by clicking on their thumbnail:

  • PNG page: scanned image
  • OCR text: text layer only - automatically recognized text, unreviewed

Parts of works (for example, epilogues, chapters) cannot be downloaded separately.

How to cite

The recommended form of citation according to ČSN ISO 690 if you are citing the Digital Library as a whole (e.g., in acknowledgements):

  • Digital Library of Arne Novák [online]. Brno. Central Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University 2010-2020 [cit. YYYY-MM-DD]. Available from:

Citations for individual works or parts of works are always included on the respective page, also respecting the ČSN ISO 690 citation standard. They are generated automaticaly and it is recommended to check their correctness.


Full content of the library (works, parts of works, and pages) is accessible via REST API. Supported GET formats are CSV, JSON and JSONLD.